First landing page created

Our hobby (FavoriteProject) is not only supposed to occupy space but also to show our attitudes on different topics. In order to continue operating, we also want to generate revenues. For this purpose, we have selected the portal "Merch By Amazon". But since there are already millions of designs on this site, it is necessary to promote our "statements". Otherwise, they are never found by "like-minded".

So we started to promote the T-shirts. Nothing easier than that, right? No way. First we had to create a Facebook account for the company that we need anyway. Then design the advertising banner with Gimp and create the landing page with WordPress. Domains have been purchased before. Next, the advertising ad must be set up on Facebook and the ads should be created and displayed. To do this, the Facebook pixel must be set up with Google Tag Manager and integrated into the website. Thereby one can do something wrong - we did. But ultimately it worked. The first landing page is online and we have learned a lot.

 You can find it under the following link to the advertisement of FavoriteProjekt (or click on the picture). From there you go to the landing page and go to the product pages on

All products are shipped in America only because of "Merch By Amazon". We therefore consider working with Spreadshirt.

To be continued ...

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